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Tensions Flare in Telangana Assembly Over Kaleswaram Project.

The Telangana Assembly witnessed heated exchanges as CM Revanth Reddy launched a scathing critique against the previous TRS government and KCR’s family. Central to his criticism was the handling of the Kaleswaram project. Reddy highlighted discrepancies in funds allocation, alleging that while Rs.97,449 crores were sanctioned, a staggering Rs.79,287 crores were released.

Revanth Reddy also accused Harish Rao, a prominent figure in the TRS, of misleading the House regarding the project’s finances. He claimed that the previous administration mismanaged funds, leading to significant debts related to the Kaleswaram and Mission Bhagiratha projects.

In response, Harish Rao defended his tenure, emphasizing that the funds allocated for Kaleswaram were utilized for multiple projects beneficial for the state. Rao urged caution against tarnishing the reputation of Telangana and dismissed allegations of misleading the assembly.

As the debate intensifies, the focus remains on ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible governance, with both sides presenting contrasting narratives on the financial management and execution of critical projects in Telangana.

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