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Tensions Rise in Nandamuri Family as Political Differences Surface Ahead of AP Elections

As the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh draw near, political rifts within the Nandamuri family are becoming apparent. Fans of Junior NTR advocate for his leadership in the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), founded by the late Sr. NTR, while figures like Chandrababu and Balakrishna strive to maintain control. Recent events at NTR Ghat highlighted these differences, creating a challenge for the TDP.

On January 18, during tributes at NTR Ghat, tensions escalated as Balakrishna, in a hurry, ordered the removal of Junior NTR’s flexi near the ghat. This move sparked discontent among Junior NTR’s fans, leading to a warning letter issued to Balakrishna and TDP leaders. The letter, purportedly from the All India NTR fan association, expresses frustration and warns of political consequences in the upcoming elections.

The viral letter emphasizes the unwavering support of NTR fans for Junior NTR and hints at a potential shift in political allegiance. As tensions rise, it remains to be seen how TDP leaders will respond to this public expression of discontent within the influential Nandamuri fanbase.

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