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Tesla Car Share Directions:

Tesla Car Share Directions:


From Autopilot mode to advanced technology, Tesla cars are in high demand. The advanced technology features of Tesla cars are the main reason for this popularity. Elon Musk recently posted about these features on Twitter (now X). According to Musk, Tesla owners can share directions with their cars directly. The company demonstrated how owners can guide their car to a destination using specific directions, which can be seen in the video.

Owners need to share directions directly from their phones to the Tesla application. Once this is done, the car will follow these directions using the Autopilot mode feature. Tesla released this video after receiving some technical issues and negative feedback from customers. It appears that Tesla is losing its dominance in the quality of new EVs compared to legacy automakers.

*How to Share Directions with Tesla via Phone:*

Tesla shared a video explaining the easy method to share directions via smartphone. In the video, after identifying the destination on the phone’s map, users tap on ‘Share’ and then click on the Tesla app. At this stage, the directions will immediately appear on the Tesla car display. This new direction feature only works if you have the Tesla application on your smartphone.

From the beginning, Tesla has opted for a unique in-car software system instead of integrating standards like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This approach differs from other car manufacturers, who usually integrate these third-party platforms into their vehicles. Therefore, Tesla provides an appropriate user experience without relying on external platforms. This system allows for entertainment, navigation, and mobile phone pairing within the car. Some users even consider the Tesla system superior to CarPlay and Android Auto.

*Tesla’s Entry into India:*

Tesla’s entry into the Indian market seems imminent but is delayed. Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April, announcing investment plans. This almost confirmed the entry of the Tesla brand into India. Tesla also plans to set up a factory in the country. However, Musk mentioned that due to significant responsibilities, his visit is delayed and he will come to India by the end of this year. It was previously reported that Tesla’s plant in Germany is in the process of producing right-hand-drive cars. The Tesla brand only manufactures Model ‘Y’ in this gigafactory. However, Model 3 is likely to be introduced in the Indian market.

Recently, Tesla has lost its dominance in the EV sector. The American Initial Quality Study 2024 found that Tesla’s battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and traditional car manufacturers have the same quality standards. The study reported 266 problems per 100 newly sold or rented vehicles. It found that plug-in vehicles require more repairs than gas-powered vehicles in all repair categories.

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