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TG Ministers Criticize Government Employees:

TG Ministers Criticize Government Employees


It is often said that no one leads as carefree a life as a government employee. They have a government job, so no one questions when they come to the office or when they leave. This perception is deeply ingrained in the public mind, and that’s why movies based on these concepts also become hits. Government employees seem to have no sense of arriving late to the office because, according to their watches, they are always on time. They believe they are arriving at the correct time.

Recently, Telangana ministers expressed their anger after learning that government employees were not arriving at the office on time. When the ministers conducted surprise inspections of government offices at around 10:30 or 11:00 AM, they found no employees present. Ministers Thummala Nageswara Rao and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy went to their chambers and offices but found no employees. They waited for about an hour and a half to see when the employees would arrive. Some employees showed up after 11:30 AM, but even then, less than 50% of the employees were present.

This angered the ministers. People facing issues and unable to meet the Chief Minister or ministers often rely on government employees to resolve their problems. The ministers expressed their frustration, stating that if the employees are not available, it adds to the public’s difficulties. They emphasized that it is not enough for the Chief Minister alone to work for 18 hours; employees also need to work. They noted that employees are not even working for a minimum of 8 hours. If they come to the office at 11:30 AM and leave by 5:00 PM, it amounts to just five and a half hours. After accounting for lunch, snacks, and tea breaks, which take about an hour and a half, they effectively work only for four hours.

Minister Komatireddy expressed his deep frustration, pointing out that while the Chief Minister and ministers work from 4:00 AM for the public, employees are not even working for half that time. He questioned how public issues would be resolved if this situation continues daily. He ordered the employees to come to the office on time and perform their duties properly from now on.

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