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The Cinematic Journey of Uday Kiran: From Fame to Misfortune

The Cinematic Journey of Uday Kiran: From Fame to Misfortune


At the point when the name Uday Kiran is referenced, many fans get profound. A young fellow with no foundation in the entertainment world, he had a tremendous effect as a legend on the cinema before unfortunately dying. Uday Kiran’s introduction film made film industry records, however his profession later lost its force. He was acquainted with the Telugu movie industry as a legend in the film “Chitram,” coordinated by Teja. The movie, which came out in 2000, was a huge hit and ended up being one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

“Chitram’s” success can be attributed to the audience’s resonance with the show’s content. The chemistry between Uday Kiran and Reema Sen was well-received by fans, as was Uday Kiran’s performance in his debut film. With a modest budget of 42 lakhs, Ramoji Rao produced the movie under the Ushakiran Movies banner. Amazingly, the movie was finished and made available to the public in just 30 days.

“Chitram” made a lot of money for its producers despite having a small budget. At the box office, it made nearly 8 crores of rupees. Uday Kiran, notwithstanding, was paid just ₹11,000 for his job as the legend. Chief Teja and music chief R.P. Patnaik likewise got exceptionally low compensation for their work. At first, one more entertainer was considered for the lead job, and Uday Kiran should play a person craftsman. In any case, not long before the shoot started, the picked lead entertainer retreated, and Uday Kiran was settled as the legend.

Following Achievement and Appalling End

After the super hit progress of “Chitram,” Uday Kiran conveyed one more hit with the movie “Nuvvu Nenu,” likewise coordinated by Teja. He was hailed as a hat-trick hero because of his back-to-back blockbusters like “Chitram,” “Nuvvu Nenu,” and “Manasantha Nuvve.” Uday Kiran became known as a darling kid in the business, particularly for his heartfelt movies, and earned a significant following among female fans.

However, his subsequent films were failures after a string of successes. Uday Kiran tragically took his own life in 2014, unable to handle the mental stress and pressures of his declining career.

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