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The movie LYF ‘Love Your Father’ grand opening ceremony

LYF ‘Love Your Father’ is a new-age film jointly produced by Manisha Arts and Media Pvt Ltd and Annapareddy Studios. Manisha Arts and Media Pvt Ltd has produced hit films like Shubhalagnam, Yamalila, Mayalodu, and Vinodam in the past. Now this company’s movie LYF ‘Love Your Father’ is coming in the direction of Pawan Ketaraju and produced by Kishore Rathi and Mahesh Rathi with Sri Harsha and Kashika Kapoor as the hero and heroines. The movie camera was switched on by the number of Mallareddy Group of Institutions Kamakura Shalini. Gopal Reddy, Chairman of CMR Group, clapped. The script was provided by Gopal Reddy, Praveen Reddy, Srisailam Reddy, and Santhosh Reddy. Mallareddy Institute of Medical Sciences, Mallareddy Hospital Chairman Dr. Bhadra Reddy, Mallareddy Health City Managing Director C. H. Preeti Reddy, Mallareddy College Principal A. Ramaswamy Reddy Garu, Hero Sriharsha, Rhea, Director Pawan Ketraju, Producers Kishore Rathi, Mahesh Rathi, S. P. Charan, Manindra Kumar and other college principals were also present.

On this occasion, producer Mahesh Rathi said: Our company Manisha Arts and Media Private Limited has been running successfully since 1983. This movie LYF ‘Love Your Father’ shows the emotions and bonding between a good father and son. We have been sitting on Script for eight months and developed very well. Mani Sharma has given music for this movie. This life is given to us by God, the Father is God to all of us. I love my father. My father’s blessings are always with me. Also, I sincerely wish for all your blessings.

Hero Sriharsha said: This is my first film, I will do it 100% hard and make it pleasing to everyone. I want your support and blessings to always be upon me.

Riya said: In this film, I am playing the character of Meghana. I am very excited about this character, surely everyone will like this movie. You will have a good memory with you when you go home. I want to support and bless this movie.

A Ramaswamy Reddy said: We are very happy to launch our boy Sriharsha. This movie has all the elements, father and son sentiment, emotion, and love and we have also planned a good song on Shiva. Mani Sharma gave good music and listened to the tunes. The script is all very good. Comedy is also very well planned. I want this movie to be a success.

Director Pawan Ketaraju said: I have worked for many films as a co-director in the past. Kishore Rathi himself called me and gave me this film. I am very happy to be invited by Kishore Rathi and Mahesh Rathi under the banner of Manisha Films, who have given me many hit films like Surya the Great, Idhudu, Yamalila, Mayalodu, Vinodam. It has been developed that Kishore Rathi will not take a small incident in his life. The emotional journey of a father and son is this movie LYF ‘Love Your Father’. Similarly, we are coming up with a good concept by taking the Shivaham concept. I would like to express my special thanks to Kishore Rathi, Mahesh Rathi, and Ramaswamy Reddy who gave me such a good opportunity. I hope that this movie will support us and make it a success.

DOP Manindra Kumar said: I am a Bollywood cameraman but this is my first film in Telugu. We are bringing this movie to you showing the emotional bond between father and son with a good concept on Lord Shiva. I am thankful to Manisha Films banner producer Kishore Rathi and director Pawan for giving me this opportunity.

Cast: Sriharsha, Kashika Kapoor, SP Charan, Nawab Shah, Praveen, Bhadram, Anjan Srivastav Aman Verma, and others.

Producer: Kishore Rathi, Mahesh Rathi
Banner: Manisha Arts and Media Private Limited
Director: Pawan Ketraju
DOP: Manindra Kumar
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Editor: Amarreddy Kudumula
PRO: Madhu V R

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