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“Thrilling Horror with Ooru Peru Bhairavakona and Sandeep Kishan”

In the current era of cinema, suspenseful and thrilling movies have gained immense popularity, and the latest addition to this trend is “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” Starring the dynamic Sandeep Kishan, along with actresses Kavya Thapar and Varsha Bollamalu, this horror thriller is directed by V Anand and produced by Rajesh Danda under the banner of Comedy Movies and AK Entertainments Anil Sunkara. The film’s trailer, recently unveiled, promises an intriguing plot filled with suspense and supernatural elements.

Set in the town of Bhairava Kona, the movie features Sandeep Kishan in the lead role, supported by a talented cast including Vennela Kishore, Viva Harsha, Subhodayam Subbarao, and Khushi Ravi. The narrative unfolds around the mysterious disappearance of four pages from the Garuda Puranam, resembling an essence of horror and suspense akin to Sai Dharam Tej’s “Virupaksha.”

The trailer introduces viewers to the love story between Varsha Bollama and Sandeep Kishan, with a twist involving the missing pages of the Garuda Purana, setting the stage for a gripping plotline. The dialogues hint at an exploration of Karma Siddhanta and an intriguing climax involving Varsha Bollamma. Sandeep Kishan’s superlative performances add an extra layer of anticipation to the film.

The creative team behind “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” includes Shekhar Chandra Adiropae as the music composer, Raj Thota as the cinematographer, and Chota K Prasad as the editor. With a promising blend of horror and thriller elements, the film is scheduled for a grand release on February 9th, heightening expectations among audiences for an enthralling cinematic experience.

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