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Allegations and Counterclaims in Telangana Politics, A Closer Look at KCR’s Leadership.

In recent developments, Prime Minister Modi has reportedly filed 24 cases against an individual, leading to the cancellation of their MP membership and eviction from MP’s quarters. Meanwhile, AICC leader and MP Rahul Gandhi criticized the absence of corruption cases against KCR, highlighting concerns about the alleged mismanagement in the Kaleshwaram project, amounting to Rs. One lakh crores.

During the Congress Vijayabheri Sabha in Sangareddy district, Rahul Gandhi accused the KCR family of monopolizing Telangana’s resources, including land, sand, mines, and wines. The collapse of the Digadda barrage and the secrecy surrounding the Dharani portal, allegedly used to occupy lands of the poor, were also mentioned.

Furthermore, concerns were raised about the leak of TSPSC papers leading to the loss of many youths and the tragic suicides of 8 thousand farmers during the regime. Rahul Gandhi emphasized the Congress’s historical role in establishing schools and colleges in Hyderabad, questioning the accomplishments of KCR’s government over the past decade.

Amidst these allegations, it’s claimed that there is a close friendship between BRS and BJP, with suggestions that KCR receives support from Modi in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi alleged that KCR’s policies primarily benefit his family within the state.

As the political landscape unfolds, promises of change emerge, with a commitment to signing six guarantees in the first cabinet meeting, aiming to showcase a rule of the people and draw a distinction between the government of the nobles and the government of the people. The dynamics between BRS, BJP, and KCR are positioned at the center of this evolving narrative.

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