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Tollywood Actor Raj Tarun Responds to Allegations by Lavanya

Tollywood Actor Raj Tarun Responds to Allegations by Lavanya


It has come to light that a woman named Lavanya has filed a complaint with the police against Tollywood actor Raj Tarun, accusing him of deceiving her in love. In response to these allegations, Raj Tarun has stated that there is no truth to the accusations of his cheating. He admitted to having been in a relationship with Lavanya but claimed that she has been using drugs for some time and has had an affair with another person, which is why he distanced himself from her. He further mentioned that she is staging this drama to get money from him and that she has been harassing him a lot, even deceiving her own father.

Raj Tarun, a young Tollywood hero, needs no special introduction. He entered the Telugu film industry as a hero with the film “Uyyala Jampala” after making short films. Following the success of “Uyyala Jampala,” he received a series of offers. He is currently set to appear in the movie “Tiragabadara Swamy,” which will soon be released in theaters. Amidst this, Lavanya has made sensational allegations against him. She filed a complaint with the Narsingi police in Hyderabad against Raj Tarun and another young actress.

In her complaint, Lavanya claimed that Raj Tarun used her physically and then started having an affair with another girl. She stated that she has been in a live-in relationship with Raj Tarun for nearly 11 years and that they even got married in a temple. However, she alleged that Raj Tarun abandoned her for an affair with the heroine of his movie. She mentioned that three months ago, he left his house and has been staying away. Lavanya also claimed that she has been threatened to be killed and her body disposed of if she doesn’t leave him alone.

Responding to Lavanya’s allegations, Raj Tarun denied the accusations of cheating. He acknowledged his past relationship with Lavanya but stated that she has been using drugs and had an affair with another person, which led him to distance himself from her. He claimed that Lavanya is staging this drama for money and that she has been torturing him.

Raj Tarun further explained, “She has been troubling me, so I am seeking legal consultation. At one point, she says we got married, and at another, she says I promised to marry her and then cheated. I had no physical relationship with Lavanya. I didn’t inform the police earlier, fearing it might damage my reputation. If I intended to frame her in a drugs case, I wouldn’t be in this situation. Lavanya has a relationship with a person named Mastan and is harassing me for money. I have had no problems with her parents either.” Raj Tarun shared these details with the media.

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