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Tragedy Strikes Hyderabad Six Lives Lost in Massive Fire at Bazaraghat, Nampally.

A devastating fire erupted at Bazaraghat in Nampally, claiming six lives and leaving many injured. The incident, which occurred in a chemical warehouse, quickly spread to four floors, trapping several workers. Firefighters, armed with three fire engines, are tirelessly working to extinguish the flames.

The tragedy unfolded as a garage on the ground floor of a residential complex caught fire during a car repair. Diesel and chemical drums present on the premises intensified the blaze, resulting in a catastrophic accident. The victims include four men and two women, with four individuals in critical condition.

Amid the rescue operations, it was discovered that six people lost their lives due to the fire. The DCP reported that efforts are ongoing to assist those affected by the incident. The ground floor’s garage, housing the source of the fire, played a pivotal role in the unfortunate event. The severity of the situation has prompted 15 rescue teams to respond to the scene, emphasizing the gravity of the rescue efforts in the aftermath of this tragic event.

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