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TRS to BRS: 283 party leaders to pass resolution on Dasara

TRS president and chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday held a luncheon meeting with his cabinet colleagues and all 33 district presidents at Pragathi Bhavan, ahead of making the big announcement on the launch of a national party on the occasion of Dasara on October 5. As per sources, this was a preparatory meeting before the launch of BRS. Rao had a detailed discussion on the road map for launching the national party during the three-hour meeting.

Rao stated that he would convene the extended meeting of TRS state committee in Telangana Bhavan at 11.15 am on October 5 in which a resolution will be moved on TRS becoming a national party and remaining it as Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi. He also told party leaders that since it is only renaming the party, the current party’s symbol of car, pink flag and pink colour will remain but Telangana state map on the party’s flag will be replaced by the India map. 

Nearly, 283 party leaders will be invited for the meeting, along with MLAs, MLCs, MPs and ZP chairpersons, mayors and municipal chairpersons. KCR will officially make an announcement at 1.19 pm on the same day, after passing the resolution. The resolution will be sent to the Election Commission of India seeking renaming of TRS  as BRS. 

It is said by the chief minister to the party leaders that BRS will emerge as an alternative to the BJP at the national level and the 2024 Lok Sabha polls would be a straight fight between the two parties. KCR expressed confidence that people across various states are seeking the Telangana model of welfare schemes and development programmes.

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