Monday, October 2, 2023
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Twitter offices get closed; huge number of employees leaving the company

The microblogging site Twitter has been facing struggles under the new leadership of Elon Musk. Musk is leaving Twitter in a terrible state, with an alarming N number of changes to fundamental operations.

Recently,the officials of the platform have sent an e-mail to the employees that all Twitter offices are shut down temporarily across the world. They will open again on November 21st. However, the reason behind this wasn’t revealed to the employees or the media. This happens when Twitter already lost more than half of its global workforce due to layoffs, and also many employees are leaving the company, as they are getting irritated with Musk’s 12-hour intense work period regulations.

Musk has been tweeting out funny memes. According to his today’s tweet, he shared a meme in which a funeral for Twitter is seen. He also shared a crossbones emoji, representing the shut down of Twitter.The #RIPTwitter tag has caught on now and many people are commenting funnily about how the world would be without Twitter. Musk, who is supposed to give some sort of an affirmative update on what’s happening, is busy sharing memes and troll stuff on his office handle.

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