Monday, September 25, 2023
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Ugram team ups promotions

Allari Naresh’s thrilling action drama Ugram movie is releasing on May 5. With just four more days to go for the release, Ugram team has upped the promotions. While the pre-release event has generated enough buzz, Ugram team is now focused on leveraging the buzz created by pre-release event.

Ugram marks coming together of Allari Naresh and director Vijay Kanakamedla for the second time. Vijay earlier directed gripping drama Naandhi with Allari Naresh. He gave Allari Naresh much needed hit and also a makeover opportunity with Naandi.

Thus coming together of this duo has raised expectations. With Ugram getting positive buzz, Allari Naresh and his team are busy promoting the movie to get good openings. 

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