Monday, July 22, 2024
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US Resolution for Investigation into Pakistan Elections. Why?

US Resolution for Investigation into Pakistan Elections. Why?


US House of Representatives has passed a resolution calling for a comprehensive investigation into the 2024 general elections held in Pakistan. This resolution was almost unanimously approved by the two main parties. The resolution was introduced while urging the government, protection of human rights, and the rule of law in Pakistan.

The resolution emphasized the importance of protecting the rights of Pakistani citizens who are living amidst security challenges and severe economic crisis. It also stated that the US stands in support of the people of Pakistan in ensuring impartial elections and protecting democracy. The newly formed government must provide lawful governance by curbing corruption for a better future for the ordinary citizens, it noted. The US strongly condemned actions like intimidation, violence, and internet restrictions, which hamper participation in Pakistan’s democratic process.

The US State Department also responded to the resolution, describing it as an action taken without a complete understanding of the country’s political situation. It mentioned that passing such a resolution is not appropriate when good relations between the two countries are ongoing. Pakistan reiterated its commitment to constitutional values, lawful governance, and human rights.

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