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Vande Bharat Express is allowed to travel from Vizag to Vijayawada

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s initiation, Vande Bharat Express, which is termed as the fastest train in India is likely to start from Vizag in December. The modern high-speed rail would likely be run on the Vizag-Secunderabad line in the day time on the lines of Janmabhoomi Express. 

Vande Bharat express would go from Vizag to Secunderabad in 8 hours as against the 12-14 hours, being taken by the present express trains. The service consists of only one rake. So, the railways would run the train from Vizag to Vijayawada at first and later it would be extended to Secunderabad. 

During the Union Budget session 2022, the Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that 400 new generation Vande Bharat trains with better energy efficiency would be soohisticated and manufactured by 2025. It is said by the Waltair division Railway Manager Anup Kumar Satpaty that the Vande Bharat Express would be on Vizag’s tracks this year. Already the division staff are under training to operate the train.

Anup Kumar said, “The trials of the train would be conducted very soon. One or two days of trials are enough to examine the railway tracks to run the train. From Vizag to Vijayawada, the train will take just 4 hours to make the passengers reach their destination safely.”

Vande Bharat train is a completely AC train. It will have 16 coaches with a capacity of around 1128 seats. These trains can reach a speed of 0 to 100 km/hr in just 52 seconds, with a top speed up to 180 km an hour. The trains weigh around 392 tones, which is 38 tones lighter than the existing trains. 

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