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Varun Sandesh: Took a Risk for Him Despite Leg Injury

Varun Sandesh: Took a Risk for Him Despite Leg Injury


Varun Sandesh is presently appearing withinside the movie “Ninda. However, when people hear this hero’s name, the two movies that immediately come to mind are “Kotha Bangaru Lokam” and “Happy Days. There is no need to explain how much craze these two films garnered among the youth. Due to the impact of those movies, audiences are still expecting similar films from Varun. It must be said that Varun hasn’t had a hit of that range yet. Recently, in an interview related to his movie “Ninda,” Varun made some interesting comments. Let’s test the ones insights.

“Ninda” is directed and produced by Rajesh Jagannadham under the banner of The Fervent Indie Productions. With the caption “Kandrakota Mystery,” this movie is based on some real-life incidents. The film is about to launch in theaters on June 21. In this context, the movie team is already busy with promotions. As part of these promotions, Varun shared some interesting aspects of the movie. When asked about the problems he faced during the shooting, he said:

“I injured my leg while shooting for another movie. Immediately after that, we had the schedule for ‘Ninda.’ The artists were already prepared, and everything was set. I didn’t want to cancel the shoot just for me. Seeing Rajesh’s dedication and passion, I continued the shooting with that injury. I took that risk for Rajesh.

The reason for accepting this story, according to Varun, was boredom with routine stories. That’s why he chose to do this movie. When asked about his role in “Ninda,” he responded:

“There is no similarity between my character in ‘Ninda’ and my real-life persona. Outside, I am usually jolly and chill. I am never serious. But in this film, I played a role that is completely different from my personality and mentality. In this movie, I appear very settled and matured.”

We have to wait and see if Varun scores a hit with this film. To know how many people this movie will impress and what the movie will be like, we have to wait until June 21. Share your opinions on this matter in the comments.

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