Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Venkat Reddy Streamlines Welfare Checks Distribution”


In a move toward more efficient and transparent governance, Venkat Reddy has declared a significant change in the distribution process of welfare schemes. Going forward, Kalyanalakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak checks will be directly distributed by officials, departing from the previous practice where MLAs played a central role. Reddy expressed concern over delays in check distribution under the previous government and emphasized the need for a more streamlined approach.

Addressing the media, Reddy stated, “In the previous government, the checks of Kalyanalakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak used to come only as the MLAs told them. Moreover, they used to distribute it through the hands of the MLAs. Due to which check delivery was delayed.” To tackle this issue, Reddy asserted that he would no longer attend check distribution events, marking this decision as the last program of its kind. Instead, officials will visit villages to ensure the direct and timely distribution of benefits to deserving individuals.

Reddy also underscored the importance of transparency in the selection process, stating that officials would use gram sabhas to identify eligible beneficiaries. The government remains committed to providing financial assistance, including a Rs.1 lakh check for girls at the time of their marriage. Additionally, decisions regarding the distribution of Tulam gold will be addressed in an upcoming cabinet meeting.

Highlighting the broader scope of welfare initiatives, Reddy mentioned plans to extend benefits such as Arogyasree cards with a Rs.10 lakh limit to eligible individuals. The minister’s approach reflects a commitment to efficient, transparent, and inclusive governance in Nalgonda, as evidenced by recent developments and future plans outlined during a review meeting at the RDO office.

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