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“Vivek Venkataswamy’s Efforts in Chennuru Welfare”

Chennuru’s MLA, Vivek Venkataswamy, has taken significant steps to champion public welfare and ensure a transparent governance framework. At the forefront of his initiatives are six distinct guarantees tailored to meet the needs of eligible beneficiaries. This commitment was palpable during a recent engagement in Begnala village, Jaipur mandal of Manchiryala district, where applications for the ‘Abhayasha’ public safety guarantee were actively solicited. Venkataswamy’s vision extends beyond mere administrative processes; he aims to bring governance closer to the people, evident from the increased access citizens have to governmental resources since CM Revanth’s tenure.

In his pursuit of fostering local development and addressing infrastructural challenges, Venkataswamy has collaborated extensively with the Chief Minister. Notably, efforts have been directed towards facilitating employment opportunities for locals in Singareni. His proactive stance is further exemplified by a significant financial commitment: a 600-crore project aimed at constructing a protective dam to safeguard the integrity of the Kaleshwaram initiative from potential backwater issues.

Despite these endeavors, Venkataswamy remains vigilant about the existing infrastructural initiatives, notably the Mission Bhagiratha project introduced by the BRS government. Recognizing its shortcomings, he has scheduled a comprehensive review meeting for January 10 to address and rectify any deficiencies. Furthermore, his dedication extends to resolving land disputes, reflecting the Congress government’s broader commitment to ensuring citizen-centric governance and infrastructural development within the region.

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