Monday, July 22, 2024
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VLF Electric Scooter Launch Soon:VLF Electric ScooterVLF Electric Scooter Launch Soon:

VLF Electric Scooter Launch Soon:VLF Electric ScooterVLF Electric Scooter Launch Soon:


The automobile industry of India is surely booming at present, without any doubt. While neighboring nations like China and Japan are growing with a great leap, the pace and the industry undertaken by India cannot be compared. No denial, India is surely one of the biggest electric two-wheeler markets in the world. Domestic markets are being captured by storm with new electric vehicles.

Moreover, foreign electric vehicle companies are also launching their vehicles in the Indian market. Many foreign companies have launched their electric two-wheelers in India, and many of these companies have gained great recognition. Now, the foreign company is all set to try its luck by launching a new scooter in the domestic market. This company has been trying to get closer to the customer through exceptional features and superb mileage.

An Italian electric two-wheeler company has plans for the launch of a new scooter in the Indian market. A brand from Italy, VLF, commands a good amount of share in the two-wheeler segment—not only within its mother country but also across other nations. Now, it is all set to kick-start some action in the fast-growing electric vehicle market of India. VLF has collaborated with a private company, KAW Veloce Motors, in setting up an electric scooter manufacturing facility in India. The company has set up this facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The same facility would manufacture and launch new electric vehicles in the potential domestic markets.

Experts have come to the view that VLF, which is riding high on electric two-wheelers in Italy, would offer stiff competition to other brands in India. Designing the new scooter with stylish looks and good built-up quality, the company is said to be giving special emphasis to its mileage. The new scooter will most probably be christened as ‘Tennis’ in the Indian market and is slated for a launch during the next festive season. Presently, the company is gearing up for this launch by expanding its dealership network across India. It remains to be seen what kind of response this scooter gets once it is launched.

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