Monday, July 22, 2024
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Warangal BRS MLCs Ready to Jump into Congress

Warangal BRS MLCs Ready to Jump into Congress


In Telangana, the existence of BRS (Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi) is becoming increasingly questionable. Leaders who were forced to stay in the circus of the Kalvakuntla family for so long are now leaving one by one. From Rajya Sabha members to municipal councilors, all levels are leaving the party. Already, six MLAs have said goodbye to KCR and joined Congress. Now it’s the turn of the MLCs. MLCs who have been in touch with Congress for the past few days are ready to switch parties along with their followers.

In the 12 assembly segments of the undivided Warangal district, Congress candidates won in 10 places. Although BRS won in Station Ghanpur and Jangaon, Station Ghanpur MLA Kadiyam Srihari joined the Congress party. His daughter Kadiyam Kavya won as Warangal MP on a Congress ticket. Now, it’s the turn of the MLCs in the undivided Warangal district. There are five MLCs from the party in the district, and all of them are currently ready to join Congress.

Former minister and MLC Basavaraju Saraiah, who belongs to the BC community, has reportedly completed discussions with Congress leaders and received a green signal. It is said that Saraiah will definitely join Congress soon. Another MLC, Thakkalapalli Ravindra Rao, and Council Vice Chairman Banda Prakash are also rumored to be joining Congress. Basavaraju Saraiah, who served as a minister during the Congress government, has been dissatisfied since joining BRS as he was not given due importance and was suppressed from growing within the party. Despite appealing to KCR for the strengthening of the party, there was no response, leading him to remain silent. Banda Prakash, though holding the position of Vice Chairman of the Council, did not receive the deserved importance in the party, causing dissatisfaction among his followers. Similarly, senior politician and MLC Thakkalapalli Ravindra Rao has been in the same situation, frustrated by the lack of importance and not receiving an MLA ticket.

With the lack of importance within their party and being out of power, the MLCs feel they cannot do justice to their followers and are therefore looking towards Congress. Moreover, with the corruption and irregularities of the BRS party leaders coming to light, the future of the party is becoming questionable, prompting them to say goodbye to KCR for the sake of their political future. It is reported that Basavaraju Saraiah, known as a disciple of senior political leader Ramasahayam, is in discussions to join Congress, and along with him, several other MLCs are also being brought into the Congress fold, making it a hot topic now.

Very soon, MLC Basavaraju Saraiah is expected to leave the BRS party and join Congress along with two other MLCs, according to political circles. After the Saraiah episode, it is believed that the gates of Congress will open for other MLCs in the Legislative Council as well. Out of the 40 MLCs in the Legislative Council, BRS, which has been in power for two terms, has 30 MLCs. If 20 of them switch parties, it would technically mean BRS is merged into Congress in the Council. To get key bills passed in the Council, Congress needs to strengthen its numbers. Hence, it is said that the ruling party is strategically moving pieces to vacate the BRS party from the Council as well.

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