Monday, July 22, 2024
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We Are Focusing on the Safety of Girls – Pawan Kalyan:

We Are Focusing on the Safety of Girls – Pawan Kalyan:


Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan stated that he will conduct a field visit to study the issue of coastal erosion at Uppada in Andhra Pradesh and how to protect it. He requested the youth to cooperate during his visit. He mentioned that a team of experts will study the erosion problem. Pawan Kalyan also emphasized the need to create opportunities for the talented youth of our country and state to utilize their skills locally, highlighting that many Telugu people are currently serving as CEOs abroad. He stressed the importance of promoting scientific research.

He conducted a review meeting with officials at the Kakinada Collectorate on Tuesday. After the meeting, he spoke to the media, stating that the state government is paying special attention to the safety of girls. “Recently, a woman complained to me that her daughter was kidnapped. I ordered the police to investigate. The police did an excellent job and located the girl in Jammu and Kashmir. They solved a nine-month-old case in just two days. Efforts are underway to bring the girl back to Vijayawada with the help of the local police. I mention this now to prove what the government can achieve when it is determined. The previous government did not pay attention to how many girls went missing in the last five years. People need to notice the changes in the current administration. Parents also need to be vigilant about their children. I will speak to senior police officials to set up a special cell for missing girls. The number of police personnel in the state needs to be increased,” said Pawan Kalyan.

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