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Weekend Beach Plans Disrupted: Safety Alert for Ramapuram Beach

Weekend Beach Plans Disrupted: Safety Alert for Ramapuram Beach


For those planning a weekend beach trip, here’s some shocking news: you might need to change your plans or learn how to behave at the beach. Ramapuram Beach near Bapatla is ringing alarm bells. The waves are dangerous, swallowing up tourists. Every weekend, there seems to be a tragic incident. So, what’s happening at Ramapuram Beach?

About Ramapuram Beach:

Ramapuram Beach is near Chirala, and it’s a popular spot for people from Hyderabad since it’s just a six-hour drive. You can enjoy the beach in the evening and return home the same night or stay overnight to enjoy the sunrise. However, this beach has turned into a “death beach.” Recently, within two days, nine people were swept away by the waves.

Recent Tragic Incidents:

– On June 21, 11 students from Eluru visited Ramapuram Beach. Unaware of the dangers, they ventured deep into the sea and were caught by large waves. Four students, aged between 20-22, drowned. Their bodies were later found on the shore.
– On June 23, two young men from Mangalagiri drowned. They were part of a group of 12.
– On June 9, at Vadarevu Beach, eight young men from Kavurivaripalem visited for a swim. One of them, an intermediate student named Kathi Jaipal, drowned. His body was later found.
– On June 15, 11 B.Tech students from Nuzividu went swimming at the same beach. Two students drowned; one body was found, but the other is still missing.
– On June 12, Gaurish, a young man from Tadepalligudem, drowned. His body was later recovered.

Danger and Popularity:

Ramapuram Beach has become extremely popular over the past two years. Resorts have sprung up rapidly to accommodate the influx of tourists. Rooms need to be booked online, and often they are sold out a month in advance. The beach attracts visitors not only from nearby districts but also from other states. Software engineers from Hyderabad and Bangalore, as well as representatives from major business firms, plan their weekends here. The beach is particularly popular with couples, and resorts cater to their needs with lighting, DJs, and campfires at night.

Lack of Safety Measures:

Despite the increasing number of deaths, authorities have not taken significant steps to improve safety. There are no adequate arrangements to educate newcomers about the dangers of the sea. The police and marine staff only monitor the beach more closely on Sundays. Private resorts focus on their business, often neglecting the safety of their guests.

Call for Action

Tourists and locals alike are urging the authorities to take preventive measures before more lives are lost. They want the police and tourism department to ensure safety measures are in place. Currently, the beach has been closed, and authorities plan to reopen it only after implementing adequate safety precautions.

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