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WhatsApp: Exciting New Feature to Simplify Chat Backups

WhatsApp: Exciting New Feature to Simplify Chat Backups


It goes without saying that WhatsApp is a crucial app present in almost every smartphone. As the most widely used messaging app globally WhatsApp has established its prominence due to its features. Continuously adapting to the needs of its users, WhatsApp is now working on introducing new feature.

One of the common issues faced by WhatsApp users is the chat backup process. Whether you get a new mobile phone or perform a factory reset on your phone. Backing up old messages is a routine task. However, the current backup process is somewhat complicated. To address this issue, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature called “Transfer Chat History.” With this feature, users can transfer their WhatsApp chat history with just a single click.

This new feature allows users to transfer chat history from their old phone to new phone without using Google Drive. Currently it is in the testing stage. This feature will be available to users soon. All you need to do is scan QR code in the app settings. Your old WhatsApp chats will be backed up immediately. 

Presently, users back up chats to iCloud or Google Drive. Then they retrieve the chat history on another phone. However this new feature eliminates that hassle. It allows chat history transfer with just one scan. By scanning the QR code, the cloud backup step is bypassed. Chat history is sent directly to another phone. This feature will be available soon.

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