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White Paper on Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Government Releases Report

White Paper on Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Government Releases Report


The Andhra Pradesh government has released a white paper on Amaravati. Speaking on the occasion, CM Chandrababu Naidu became emotional and targeted former CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, accusing him of starting the destruction of Amaravati with the demolition of Praja Vedika as soon as he came to power.

CM Chandrababu Naidu stated that Amaravati is a city that will make history. He recalled that during the Satavahana period, Amaravati was the center of administration. He mentioned that Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation for Amaravati and highlighted that it is the only region equidistant from all directions. He remarked that anyone with wisdom and knowledge would not oppose it and made strong comments that even a hardened terrorist would support it. He reminded that soil from various parts of the country and water from several rivers were brought by many people. Even Modi himself brought soil and water from the Yamuna River and offered them.

“With Jagan’s arrival and the demolition of Praja Vedika, the steps toward the destruction of Amaravati began. He brought disgrace to the state with his Tughlaq decision of having three capitals. For 1631 days, he has inflicted various forms of suffering on the farmers and women of Amaravati. One person’s foolishness, vendetta, and Tughlaq decisions have become a curse for 50 million people of Andhra Pradesh. The loss to the state due to halting the construction of the capital is immense.

In 2014, Jagan agreed to Amaravati as the capital. Before the 2019 elections, I built a house in Amaravati and secured votes by declaring it the capital, but he betrayed everyone. We performed pujas in all the temples, churches, and mosques in the state and brought water and soil from all villages to conduct the Bhoomi Puja for Amaravati. For the past five years, they couldn’t move Amaravati because of the sanctity of that soil.

Amaravati is the central point for all regions in the state. Most people opined that the capital should be between Vijayawada and Guntur. Under the self-finance project, there is a financial deficit of 16,000 crores. I thought about how to build the capital. Hyderabad had no water and no electricity, but it has reached a point where no one can take back Cyberabad. I spent 14 days in America visiting all companies. People here were ready to give land for the construction of the capital. I thought of land pooling, and a massive 29,000 farmers gave 34,000 acres of land. In total, we collected 57,707 acres. The central government said they would provide funds for the construction of the capital.

When a capital is coming, it should be welcomed, not mourned. We did all this. We signed an MoU with Singapore. The Singapore government is one of the most respected in the world, and they provided us with a master plan for free. We are going to establish 9 cities within Amaravati, aiming to make it the most respected Nobel city in the world. This is a total project of 51,000 crores, and we spent 4,319 crores. They caused as much destruction as they could, ruining the future of the state. They humiliated the farmers of the capital as much as they could. The sacrifices of the farmers will not go in vain; history will always remember their sacrifices,” said CM Chandrababu Naidu.

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