Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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*Who Is WV Raman, Who’s in Contention for the India Team Head Coach Post:

*Who Is WV Raman, Who's in Contention for the India Team Head Coach Post:


The BCCI is currently deliberating on the selection of the head coach for Team India. Just when it seemed that Gautam Gambhir had secured the position, WV Raman entered the race. Raman’s journey in the national team wasn’t particularly noteworthy, but his push for the coaching role has sparked various speculations online, with some wondering if he is a recommendation candidate.

New reports suggest that the BCCI is unable to decide due to Gambhir’s aggressive nature. It’s said that Gambhir’s stringent conditions are difficult to handle, as he insists on others following his directions without considering their opinions. Amidst this uncertainty, people are curious about who WV Raman is and why he’s suddenly in contention. Here’s some background information:

*Voochakare Venkata Raman (WV Raman)* was born in Chennai in 1965 and is currently 59 years old. According to regulations, he would be ineligible for the Team India head coach position if he turned 60. Raman, a left-handed batter, debuted in the national team in 1988. He played 11 Test matches, scoring 448 runs with a highest score of 96, and 27 ODIs, scoring 617 runs with a highest score of 114.

Initially, Raman did not make a significant impact as an opener for Team India. He also played as an all-rounder, taking two wickets each in both ODIs and Test matches. Despite several opportunities from the BCCI selection committee, he couldn’t capitalize on them, leading to his gradual fade from the national team by 1997. However, he had an impressive track record in first-class cricket.

In 2018, Raman was appointed as the coach of the Indian women’s cricket team. His strategies and planning contributed significantly to their current international success. This coaching experience has made him a strong contender against Gambhir for the head coach position. Additionally, Raman has worked as a commentator and earned a reputation as a skilled cricket analyst and columnist. In 2020, he authored a book titled “The Winning Sixer,” where he brilliantly shared his insights on cricket.

These accomplishments have attracted the BCCI’s attention. Moreover, Raman’s involvement in the corporate world of IPL has led to allegations of external pressures favoring him. With the final decision expected in a few days, netizens are keenly awaiting the outcome.

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