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Work From Home Scam: Duped Through Online Tasks, Lost Rs. 20.54 Lakhs – Stay Vigilant

Work From Home Scam: Duped Through Online Tasks, Lost Rs. 20.54 Lakhs - Stay Vigilant


Work-from-home jobs are easy targets for numerous con artists. They are losing lakhs of rupees. A man from Greater Noida lost Rs. after falling for a cyberscam. 20.54 lakhs. This trick started with a message on his telephone, extending to a work-from-home employment opportunity. The victim said that he was asked to rate hotels on Google Maps in exchange for cash.

The need for part-time employment is growing. Part-time or work-from-home jobs are popular options for low-paying workers seeking additional income. Cybercriminals, however, are taking advantage of this trend. Many individuals are being misled for the sake of work-from-home positions, losing lakhs of rupees. A man from Greater Noida lost Rs. after falling  for a cyberscam. 20.54 lakhs. This con began with a text message on his phone offering a job where he could work from home. The casualty referenced that he was approached to rate lodgings on Google Guides for monetary compensations. The police in Uttar Pradesh have initiated an investigation into the matter and filed an FIR against an unidentified individual. According to the PTI news agency, the incident took place in January of this year, but the complaint was only filed with the police on Monday.

Hotel Rating Scam… Sandeep Kumar, who lives in Greater Noida’s Chi-1 Sector, received a WhatsApp message. The message stated that rating hotels on Google Maps could earn him cash rewards. Accepting this, he reached the individual who sent the message and was added to a Wire bunch with around 100 individuals. According to his complaint to the police, Kumar began completing tasks that were given to him by this group.

Kumar started giving reviews for hotels and other establishments. For this, he at first contributed Rs. 50,000. He increased his investment as he went on. In any case, he couldn’t pull out the sum he procured. He was asked to pay an additional Rs. when he tried to withdraw his money. five lakhs in taxes. Kumar went to the police after he realized he had been conned. He claimed to have made investments totaling Rs. 20,54,464.

Threats to Life In addition to the loss of money, Kumar claimed that the con artists threatened to kill him via phone calls and Telegram. He was instructed to immediately leave the Telegram group and freeze all of his accounts.

Caution When Receiving Job Offers The police have advised individuals to exercise caution when receiving job offers via WhatsApp and Telegram. They mentioned that a lot of scams pretend to be legitimate opportunities that offer high-paying work-from-home jobs or easy money. They exhorted confirming any bid for employment by actually looking at the organization’s true site and reaching them straightforwardly through checked channels. In addition, they advised against disclosing personal or financial information to unknown contacts.

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