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Y.S. Jagan’s Secret Politics in Bangalore

Y.S. Jagan's Secret Politics in Bangalore


Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, used to reside in Tadepalli. Currently, however, his address is Yelahanka Palace in Bangalore. He has not been leaving the palace or meeting anyone. What exactly is he doing there? Is he planning for the future or trying to digest his defeat?

Once, during his tenure as Chief Minister, Jagan had said that winning 151 seats in the 2019 elections should not make them complacent. This time, meaning the recent elections, he aimed for all 175 seats. To achieve this, he made numerous changes, including switching the constituencies of MLAs, bringing in new candidates, and replacing the old ones. Despite these efforts, the results were starkly different. The people replaced Jagan himself, with the number of seats dropping drastically to just 11. Even if the people have forgotten Jagan’s words, he certainly remembers them. He must be wondering, “What did I anticipate? What actually happened?” Jagan is now caught in this dilemma.

What exactly happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? There are numerous questions but no answers for Jagan. This is why he moved his base from Tadepalli to Pulivendula, and from there, he shifted to Bangalore. Initially, it was assumed that Jagan moved to Bangalore to avoid surveillance in Andhra Pradesh and to strategize with key leaders without any hindrance. However, even that is not happening, as leaders are not meeting with Jagan. Hence, no strategic planning is taking place. So, what is Jagan doing at Yelahanka Palace in Bangalore?

There are two possible reasons for Jagan’s move to Bangalore. One, he might be unable to face anyone after his defeat. Two, after five years of hard work as Chief Minister, he might be seeking some rest for his mind and body. It’s believed that he shifted to Bangalore for one of these reasons. However, it’s unlikely that he went there for rest because, after the elections, he traveled to London and various other countries with his family for a few days of relaxation before returning to India. Hence, it’s understood that Jagan moved to Bangalore because he couldn’t cope with his defeat.

Jagan has a house in Tadepalli and another in his hometown Pulivendula. But he couldn’t choose either. Tadepalli is in the Amaravati region, where Jagan has no supporters left. When he was in power, he didn’t allow anyone near his house. Now, the situation is different. Anyone who comes to meet him or any leader he talks to would remind him of the 11-seat debacle. There’s also the constant fear of protests. Hence, he moved to Pulivendula, but the situation was the same there.

Rayalaseema was once considered a stronghold for the YSR Congress Party, but the recent election results tarnished that image. Meeting leaders and followers in Pulivendula only increased his pain of defeat. This is why he moved to Yelahanka Palace to be alone, seeking peace of mind. Here, no one disturbs him, there is no government surveillance, no protests, and no visitors offering condolences. In short, he gets time to forget his humiliating defeat. It’s as if the elections never happened, he never contested, and those 11 seats never existed. This feeling is why Jagan moved to Yelahanka Palace.

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