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You can now use free flight ticket if your waitlist train ticket doesn’t confirmed

Waiting for the confirmation of train tickets always creates tension for passengers and they feel uncertain about their travel. While in most cases, a small waiting train ticket gets confirmed on weekends or on busy travel dates, passengers don’t get seats and are left to change plans at the last minute. To help passengers to get rid of this uncertainty, the ticket booking app Trainman has rolled out a new feature under which the company guarantees train tips to passengers. If the train tickets doesn’t get confirmed, the company will arrange free flight tickets to help passengers complete their journey.

The Trainman app has rolled out a new feature named ‘Trip Assurance’. The new feature ensures train passengers with tickets in the waitlist, a guaranteed way to complete their journey. Anyone who books train tickets through Trainman can check their ticket status within the app itself. If the passenger doesn’t get a confirmed ticket, the app will display a prediction meter showing the chances of the tickets getting confirmed. In case the tickets do not get confirmed before chart preparation, the Trip Assurance will help passengers discover the book last-minute alternate travel options.

If a passenger’s ticket prediction meter indicates 90% or above, then the app will charge Trip Assurance fee. If the percentage is below 90%, then the company will charge a nominal fee according to the class of the ticket. Notably, the Trip Assurance fee will be refunded to the customers if the train tickets get confirmed at the time of chart preparation. However, if ticket doesn’t get confirmed, the Trainman will provide a free flight ticket to the passenger to complete the travel.

The Trip Assurance service is currently applicable on all the IRCTC Rajdhani trains and around 130 other trains. The founder and CEO of the Trainman app said, “In effect, when a train ticket is not confirmed, we will provide a flight ticket under Trip Assurance, but this will only apply to cities that have Airports. We are constantly engaged in optimising our online platform for providing a seamless time travel experience for train travellers in India.”

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