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YS Jagan: First response on Redbook 

YS Jagan: First response on Redbook


During the election campaign, TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh’s “Red Book” bombshell has caused significant reverberations. Lokesh clarified that the Red Book contains records of YSRCP leaders’ misdeeds and officials who colluded with YSRCP, targeting party workers and TDP leaders with false cases. Initially, YSRCP leaders ridiculed this announcement. However, for the first time, Jagan brought up the Red Book, causing fear among YSRCP leaders and the officials who supported them. The Red Book controversy has created a stir within the YSRCP.

During his “Yuvagalam” padayatra, a current minister mentioned the Red Book, which allegedly contains names of officials who filed false cases and acted overzealously in collusion with YSRCP. TDP leaders have reiterated this claim on several occasions. Lokesh, when he first announced the Red Book, was mocked by YSRCP leaders. Despite the mockery, former CM Jagan had never previously addressed the Red Book issue.

Recently, Jagan spent 25 lakhs to visit former MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy, who is currently in Nellore Central Jail. After meeting Pinnelli, Jagan, for the first time, responded to the Red Book, expressing concern about targeted attacks under its pretext and alleging attacks on YSRCP offices across the state. Several cases, including EVM destruction, were filed against Pinnelli before the election results. Jagan accused Chandrababu of filing these cases illegally and, for the first time since his defeat, attempted to act as the opposition leader. He criticized the coalition government’s understanding of the state’s financial condition and debt situation, despite former CM Chandrababu’s extensive experience and education in economics.

Despite these circumstances, the coalition government has distributed pensions on the first of the month, fulfilling their election promises by delivering increased amounts directly to households. However, there are complaints that the Amma Vodi scheme and other welfare programs have not been fully implemented. Overall, it appears that the Red Book has instilled significant fear within the YSRCP, with Jagan seemingly giving a clean chit to Pinnelli amidst this turmoil.

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