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YS Jagan vs YS Sharmila: Battle of YSR Legacy

YS Jagan vs YS Sharmila: Battle of YSR Legacy


Battle of YSR Legacy : Dancing to the tune of the legacy of a late leader is an age-old tactic in Indian politics. Congress Party members invoke Nehru, Indira, and Rajiv to infuse confidence in their campaign slogans. Regional parties use founding leaders’ names in party activities. This is not necessarily wrong because the idea is to continue their good work and sustain their ideals. Dead leaders of other parties are also used under the category of opportunistic rhetoric. For example, under the YSRCP regime, there was a district named after NTR because he is a divine figure for the Telugu people. It was to woo the new voter base with respect to NTR.

Chandrababu Naidu’s Acknowledgment of YS Rajasekhara Reddy

Similarly, at one time Chandrababu Naidu praised YS Rajasekhara Reddy and admitted that YSR continued the development started by him. This type of set-up of deceased leaders’ legacies is not new to any party. Until the recent past, NTR’s legacy was attributed to the TDP, and YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s legacy to the YSRCP. The present scenario, however, seems to be reversing at a rapid pace.

YS Jagan’s New Way of Dealing with YSR’s Legacy

One gets the impression that the YSRCP chief, YS Jagan, is slowly divorcing the YS legacy. One could see this through Jagan’s behavior while conducting the birth anniversary celebrations of YS Rajasekhara Reddy. The feeling one now gets is that playing politics with the name of YSR might not be that easy. Until now, the YSRCP used to make it a big gala event for the birth and death anniversaries of Rajasekhara Reddy. There would be jubilant celebrations in all the villages. It involved the spending of crores of rupees for the advertisements in their newspapers and channels, alone their own media outlets would be flooded with advertisements. Many advertisements would also be issued by the government and individual leaders of that particular party.

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Lack of Grand Celebrations

This time, though, there was no such fanfare. Jagan simply paid his respects at YSR’s memorial in Idupulapaya and left. A few YSRCP leaders distributed flowers, fruits, and sweets in YSR’s name; their media reported these activities, but beyond this, there was no big celebration. So, one may read in this change a distancing by Jagan from heavily relying on YSR’s legacy to gain political mileage.

Sharmila’s Claim to Legacy

While YS Jagan seems to be moving further away from his father’s legacy, it seems that YS Sharmila is all geared up to reinstate the legacy of YSR for herself. The step will not only redefine politics within YSRCP but also beyond it. Sharmila’s active involvement in furthering YSR’s ideals might strike an emotional chord with the strong supporters who are very much attached to YSR’s legacy. That shall be a pivotal change.


There is a new turn being experienced in the political scenario of Andhra Pradesh. With YS Jagan slowly moving away from the legacy of YSR, it is left to YS Sharmila now to step into that space. This development could possibly have far-reaching implications for the YSRC and its voter base. By invoking the names of deceased leaders, parties intend to pick up the good work and ideals left behind by those departed leaders, but a new chapter is getting evident from the changing dynamics between YS Jagan and YS Sharmila in the legacy of YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

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