Thursday, July 25, 2024
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YSRCP Former MLA Adeep Raj Denies Suicide Attempt Rumors

YSRCP Former MLA Adeep Raj Denies Suicide Attempt Rumors


YSRCP Pendurthi former MLA Adeep Raj has denied rumors about his suicide attempt. He released a video stating that he experienced food poisoning after dinner last night, went to the hospital early in the morning, and was discharged shortly after. Adeep Raj emphasized that he had a cordial meeting with YSRCP leaders in Pendurthi yesterday evening, and anyone could verify this information.

In the video, Adeep Raj assured his followers that he is healthy and that they should not believe any false rumors. He mentioned that he is preparing for the party’s strengthening schedule.

The need for this video explanation arose after a message began circulating in various WhatsApp groups in Visakhapatnam around noon on Monday. The message claimed that Adeep Raj attempted suicide by taking sleeping pills the previous night and was taken to a corporate hospital by his family around 3 a.m. due to family disputes. The message also suggested that a police case was being registered.

However, when media representatives contacted the hospital and the relevant police station, they found no medical legal case had been registered. The hospital staff confirmed that Adeep Raj had come in with breathing difficulties, received treatment, and left. Despite this, the message spread quickly across Andhra Pradesh, leading to numerous phone calls to the hospital, the Pendurthi police station, and Adeep Raj’s family.

Due to the widespread rumors, Adeep Raj, despite feeling unwell, took the time to release a video clarifying the situation. He explained that after a friendly meeting with party workers yesterday evening, he had dinner with his family. Due to possible food poisoning or other reasons, he experienced severe stomach pain and went to the hospital, where he was treated and discharged within a few hours. He reassured everyone that he is currently resting and healthy and would be available to everyone in two or three days. This video helped calm his followers’ concerns and dispel any false rumors.

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