Monday, July 22, 2024
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Zika Virus Brings Alarm to Pune

Zika Virus Brings Alarm to Pune


Considering the times and the world going through–both economically and on grounds of health–humanity seems to be plagued with one virus after another. First, it was COVID-19; then, as we were getting over it, another virus came out, and just when the threat of that seemed to subside, the viral fevers came. And now, it is the Zika virus. Recently, cases of the Zika virus have been reported in Pune, Maharashtra. Health officials have identified a total of six cases, thereby including two pregnant women. It has been learned that a 28-year-old pregnant woman from the Erandwane area has been infected with the Zika virus.

Another woman, who is 12 weeks pregnant, is infected with the Zika virus, it has been confirmed. The doctors said that both the women were in stable condition. Generally, if the expecting women are infected with the Zika virus, then there are chances that microcephaly may infect the fetus, which may cause restricted development of the brain. In Pune, the first case was reported in Erandwane; after that, a 46-year-old doctor and her 15-year-old daughter tested positive for the virus. Then a 47-year-old lady in Mundhwa and one more person age 22 tested positive for the same disease.

The Zika virus was first isolated in 1947 in Uganda. It is primarily an infection transmitted through the bites of the Aedes mosquito. The virus spread from Africa to Asia and then to the Americas during 2007-2016, with a massive outbreak occurring in 2015-2016.

Some of the symptoms of a Zika-infected person include vacuoles and swelling in one’s mitochondria in the cells, fever, severe swelling, inclusions of rashes on the skin, headaches, prostřed pět, and swelling under the eyelids. You are advised that in case of such symptoms, seek immediate help from a doctor to limit the replication of this virus so you may get proper treatment for it.

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