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Adipurush official release date is out

Having pan-India star Prabhas as the lead, Adipurush is the most anticipated movie of the year 2023. The film is made on the backdrop of the epic Ramayana, which will be shown with higher visual effects. T-Series and Retrophiles are jointly funding for the prestigious project with an immense budget.

The team has wrapped up all the shooting works of the film, but a bit of VFX work has now caused an interruption to its release. Initially, the film’s release was fixed for Sankranthi 2023. And now, it is pushed to June 16 in the same year for its grand release worldwide. 

Speaking to the media, the film’s director Om Raut said, “In order to provide a complete visual experience to the viewers, we need to give more time to the teams working on the film. We have decided to make a film that makes India feel proud. Your support, love and blessings is what keeps us to move forward.”

Hence, the waiting period has been extended for the fans as well as the audience. Still, the makers need to spend around 100-150 crores more for the remaining VFX works. However, the film’s successful outcomes are to be preferred first than its early theatrical release. Kriti Sanaon plays Goddess Sita, while the Bollywood star actor Saif Ali Khan will be seen as Lankesh.

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