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Agent 116 Adivi Sesh Launches Goodachari-2

Adivi Sesh, acclaimed as Agent 116, is set to embark on a riveting new mission at Trinetra in the much-anticipated sequel, “Goodachari-2.” Following the massive success of its predecessor, Adivi Sesh invested substantial time in the sequel’s pre-production, backed by a considerable budget from the filmmakers.

The commencement of the Goodachari-2 shoot today unveiled a grandeur five-floor glass house set, a testament to the scale and ambition of the project. This opulent set, constructed at a significant cost, is poised to become a central element, hosting pivotal action sequences. Adivi Sesh, known for his meticulous approach, is gearing up for what is projected to be the most expensive film of his career.

Directed by Vinay Kumar, Goodachari-2 promises a cinematic spectacle, with shooting scheduled across diverse international locations. Adding an extra layer of intrigue, Banita Sandhu joins the cast as the leading lady, contributing her charm to the espionage narrative.

Produced by AK Entertainments, Abhishek Agarwal Arts, and People Media Factory, the film benefits from a robust production team. Sricharan Pakala has been entrusted with scoring the music and background for Goodachari-2, enhancing the cinematic experience.

Anticipation is palpable for this sequel, as Adivi Sesh immerses himself completely in the role, signaling his dedication to delivering another blockbuster. The film is set to release in all Indian languages next year, promising an exhilarating continuation of the Agent 116 saga.

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