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Amazon Prime announces OTT release date of Kantara

Rishab Shetty starrer Kantara is a stupendous blockbuster across the world. It has shattered the global box office with innumerable collections. And now, its theatrical run has finally come to an end and is all set for its OTT debut.

In the earlier days, we heard that the film’s digital streaming rights were sold to Amazon Prime at big bucks. Now, the makers have allowed the film to enter OTT, exactly after a month from its theatrical debut. 

People who are still waiting to watch the film, can now use this golden opportunity from the 24th of this month. The film will be aired on the platform right from November 24. As the film progressed with a rampage at the theatres, it will surely be attract the audience’s attention on OTT also. Now, it’s OTT turn to show its rage with this supernova.

Kantara is set in coastal Karnataka. It deals with the issue of land politics and man vs nature. The film stars Rishab Shetty as a Kambala champion who is at loggerheads with an upright DRFO officer. Homebale International Films bankrolled the project with just Rs 16 crore. But the the movie obtained nearly 400 crores at the global box office.

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