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Arun Vikkirala: Calling Sahasra intertwined with thrilling twists and an interesting message

Sudigali Sudheer, known for weaving a captivating spell with his performances on the small screen, is now poised to mesmerize audiences with the much-anticipated “Calling Sahasra.” Collaborating with the dynamic ensemble of Dolly Shah, Shalu Chourasiya, and Spandana Palli, this upcoming entertainer, directed by the talented Arun Vikkirala, promises a delightful cinematic experience. The film also boasts the presence of seasoned actors Ravi Prakash and Shiva Balaji in pivotal roles, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, “Calling Sahasra” has been crafted with a swift production pace, ensuring that audiences are in for a treat at the theaters. In the lead-up to the film’s highly anticipated release, Director Arun Vikkirala engaged in an insightful discussion with members of the media.

What is the significance behind the title ‘Calling Sahasra’?

The title ‘Calling Sahasra’ is a fusion of the company name, Calling, and the name of the heroine, Sahasra. It emerged from the narrative woven within the movie, and we carefully chose a title that encapsulates the essence of the story.

How does Sudhir’s role differ from his comedic image in this story?

In the first ten minutes of ‘Calling Sahasra,’ Sudhir transcends his comedic persona, immersing himself completely in the character he portrays. The audience will witness a side of Sudhir that goes beyond his comedic roots. This film is an experiment, and we hope viewers appreciate this unique portrayal.

What roles do characters played by Shiv Balaji and Dollysha play in the film?

Alongside Sudheer, the characters portrayed by Shiv Balaji and Dollysha are integral to the narrative. Dollysha even performed a noteworthy fight sequence, earning applause from the fight master. Their roles contribute significantly to the richness of the film’s storytelling.

How did the collaboration with the producers of ‘Calling Sahasra’ come about?

The producers played a crucial role in bringing ‘Calling Sahasra’ to fruition. Their unwavering support and cooperation were instrumental in the film’s journey, leading to its release on December 1. Our intention is not to compete but to share the cinematic experience with the audience.

Can you share insights into the plot twists and turns in ‘Calling Sahasra’?

‘Calling Sahasra’ is replete with unexpected twists and turns that keep the audience engaged. Even if the viewers are aware of these twists, they find themselves drawn to the theaters to experience them firsthand. The film also weaves a compelling love story while subtly conveying an underlying message.

How would you describe the music and background score in ‘Calling Sahasra’?

Mohit composed the songs, and Robin handled the background score. Despite Mohit’s busy schedule, we managed to complete the project with Robin. The background score lingers with the audience, creating a haunting yet captivating atmosphere. We aimed for a musical experience that resonates with everyone, ensuring that it enhances the overall viewing pleasure.

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