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“Baba Harjit Singh to Host Langar During Ayodhya’s Lord Rama Consecration”

Jathedar Baba Harjit Singh Rasulpur, the eighth descendant of Nihang Baba Fakir Singh Khalsa, is set to continue a historical tradition by organizing a langar during the consecration of Lord Rama in Ayodhya on January 22. Harking back to November 1858, when 25 Nihang Sikhs, led by Baba Fakir Singh Khalsa, conducted a havan inside the Babri Masjid, Baba Harjit Singh is determined to carry forward his ancestor’s reverence for Lord Ram. Despite potential criticism and the balancing act between Nihangs and Sanatan Dharma, Baba Harjit Singh emphasized his role as a custodian of timeless traditions, devoid of political affiliations.

Baba Harjit Singh shed light on the unique autonomy of Nihangs, often considered the Guru’s army, with distinctive practices. Reflecting on the historical incident, he recounted how “Ram Ram” was inscribed on the mosque walls, accompanied by the hoisting of a saffron flag. This bold act led to legal consequences as a case was filed against the Nihangs in 1858, initiated by the mosque’s officer. Significantly, the Supreme Court’s 2019 ruling on the Ayodhya dispute referenced this historical event, quoting a report by Sheetal Dubey, the Thanedar of Oudh, documenting the Hawan and Puja organized by Nihang Singh Faqir Khalsa within the mosque premises.

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