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Bandi Sanjay’s Last Day Rally Fuels Speculation on CM Candidacy, Backed by Manda Krishna Madiga.

On the final day of the intense Telangana state election campaign, the question of who will assume the role of Chief Minister is stirring discussions. Manda Krishna Madiga, the founder president of MMRPS and a key figure in the SC classification struggle, declared that if Bandi Sanjay emerges victorious in Karimnagar, he could become the Chief Minister of the state.

A significant event unfolded as BJP cadres organized a spirited bike rally from Maitri Convention in Kisan Nagar, Karimnagar district headquarters, on the last day of the campaign. Unexpectedly, enthusiastic youths and women voluntarily joined the rally, demonstrating their support for Bandi Sanjay. At the rally’s commencement, Manda Krishna Madiga, along with Bandi Sanjay and retired DG Krishnaprasad, addressed the crowd.

Bandi Sanjay, seeking an overwhelming victory, emphasized the historic nature of the upcoming elections. He referred to the BJP’s announcement that a BC candidate would be made the Chief Minister, indicating a potential breakthrough for Bandi Sanjay from the weaker sections.

Manda Krishna Madiga highlighted the historical injustice done to BCs by various ruling parties, asserting that if BCs aspire to see one of their own as CM, victory for the BJP is essential. The statement adds an intriguing layer to the electoral dynamics, suggesting the possibility of Bandi Sanjay, a BC, assuming the role of Chief Minister if BJP secures victory.

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