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BJP’s Laxman Challenges Congress and BRS, Asserts People’s Trust in Implementable Manifesto.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Laxman took a strong stance at a media conference in Hyderabad, declaring that the BJP’s manifesto is rooted in implementable promises, in contrast to what he referred to as the fake assurances of Congress and BRS. Laxman emphasized that the BJP has delivered commitments that align with the realm of practicality, dispelling what he described as misleading advertisements by rival parties.

Laxman expressed satisfaction with the Karnataka state government’s decision to halt advertising in Telangana, emphasizing the need to preserve the integrity of the state. He criticized Congress for allegedly deceiving the public with false promises based on paid surveys, citing Rythu Bharosa for tenant farmers as an example.

Highlighting the BJP’s growing influence in Telangana, Laxman credited Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit with boosting enthusiasm among party members. He claimed that BCs and Madigas are aligning with the BJP, asserting that the people of the state are eager for BJP rule.

As the political landscape heats up, Laxman boldly predicted the BJP’s ascent in Telangana and challenged the Congress party, noting their historical struggle to secure a significant number of seats in the region.

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