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“BRS Leaders Accused of Land Misuse in Hyderabad”

During the previous BRS regime, significant land misappropriations allegedly took place, resulting in the transfer of valuable government lands into the hands of BRS leaders and their associates. The misuse encompassed various regions around Hyderabad and extended to districts, with staggering financial implications.

Reports indicate that BRS leaders took advantage of vacant government properties, transferring them into their possession. The involvement of multiple ministers, MLAs, and MLCs from the BRS government has been highlighted. Furthermore, the complicity of certain collectors and high-ranking officials has also been suggested in facilitating these dubious land transfers.

The scale of alleged corruption is vast, with specific instances highlighted. In areas like Gachibowli, Serilingampally, and Miyapur, lands worth thousands of crores have reportedly been converted or deeded inappropriately. Such actions range from converting government lands into Patta lands for personal gain to allocating vast stretches to corporate bodies and resorts.

The revelations prompted a team of retired IAS officers to conduct an inquiry, leading to a subsequent vigilance inquiry by the Congress government. Investigative agencies are delving deeper into these allegations, aiming to uncover the extent of the purported land scams and hold those responsible accountable.

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