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BRS Party’s Electoral Challenges.

The BRS, with a substantial numerical strength of 104 members in the Assembly, is facing challenges attributed to its long-standing incumbency, where more than half of its MLAs have won more than two consecutive terms. This prolonged incumbency is viewed as a disadvantage, particularly as intelligence sources suggest that approximately 35 MLAs within the party have been adversely affected at the grassroots level. The party acknowledges that neglecting reports from various organizations has contributed to this damage.

A significant revelation points to the adverse impact of maintaining sitting corporators during the Greater Hyderabad elections, highlighting a pattern where offering tickets exclusively to incumbents might have been a detrimental strategy. Evidence supporting this claim is apparent in the denial of tickets to 13 sitting MLAs, replaced by new candidates. The political landscape has also been influenced by factors such as job notifications, loan waivers, double bedroom houses, and the implementation of schemes like Dalit Bandhu and BC Bandhu. The behavior of MLAs and their followers is identified as crucial in managing government opposition.

The groundwork for the elections began in March, with preparations in District Collectorates and party District Offices, followed by grassroots engagement in April and May. The party strategically publicized welfare and development programs under the banner of decade celebrations in June. Despite early efforts, internal disagreements persisted until August when the list of 105 candidates was finalized, showcasing the complex dynamics within the BRS party.

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