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Censorship Controversy Surrounding Tharun Bhascker’s Special Song in ‘Mangalavaram’.

In a surprising turn of events, the eagerly awaited movie ‘Mangalavaram’ faces controversy as the special song ‘Appadappada Tandra… Avakai Tandra,’ sung by director and actor Tharun Bhaskar, gets sidelined from the theatrical release. The song, initially part of the film, underwent scrutiny during the censor review, where concerns about potentially hurting sentiments were raised.

The lyrics of ‘Appadappada Tandra…’ crafted by Ganesh and performed by Rahul Sipliganj, apparently struck a chord that led the censor members to recommend changes. Director Ajay Bhupathi decided to remove the song altogether, citing concerns that the lyrics could have a significant impact.

The decision to limit the song to YouTube only raises questions about artistic expression and censorship in the film industry. ‘Mangalavaram,’ featuring Payal Rajput and Ajmal Aamir, has been highly anticipated after Ajay Bhupathi’s previous successes with ‘RX 100’ and ‘Mahasamudram.’ The removal of this special song adds a layer of intrigue to the film’s release.

As the controversy unfolds, audiences are left to wonder about the dynamics between creative freedom, audience sentiments, and the decisions made during the filmmaking process. The lyrics, originally capturing the essence of village tales, now serve as a backdrop to a larger conversation about artistic choices and their consequences in the world of cinema.

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