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HomeExclusive"Chicken Loot Amidst Highway Accident in Agra's Foggy Conditions"

“Chicken Loot Amidst Highway Accident in Agra’s Foggy Conditions”

A road accident on the Agra-Delhi NH-19 in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra led to a peculiar incident of chicken looting. The mishap, caused by dense fog, involved a truck transporting chickens to Kasganj from Agra. Instead of aiding the injured driver, bystanders seized the opportunity to loot chickens from the accident site, with some capturing the scene on video.

The accident involved nearly a dozen vehicles, resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries. The truck’s driver, Sunil Kumar, faced helplessness as people looted chickens worth approximately Rs 2.5 lakh. DCP Sonam Kumar confirmed the accident’s details, including the fatality, and mentioned the absence of complaints regarding the chicken looting.

In addition to the accident, Agra experienced ‘zero visibility’ due to dense fog, affecting traffic and train schedules. The Meteorological department predicts continued foggy conditions in the region for the upcoming days, with potential rainfall on January 1, further adding to weather uncertainties.

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