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CM Revanth Reddy Announces Key Measures for Employment in Telangana

In a significant move to address unemployment concerns in Telangana, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy unveiled key measures during a recent Assembly session. Prominent among these initiatives is the forthcoming issuance of notifications for Group 1 jobs, signaling opportunities for aspiring candidates. Notably, the age limit for Group 1 positions is set to be extended to 46 years, broadening the pool of eligible applicants and providing increased prospects for employment.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the previous government’s handling of job vacancies, CM Revanth Reddy criticized instances of paper leakage that compromised the integrity of recruitment processes, impacting the lives of countless unemployed youth. Assuring a swift and decisive response, he pledged his administration’s commitment to rectifying these issues and ensuring fair and transparent selection procedures for all future job openings.

Furthermore, CM Revanth Reddy underscored the government’s proactive stance on addressing staffing shortages in critical sectors, particularly the police department. With plans to fill 15,000 police job vacancies within the next fifteen days, the government aims to bolster law enforcement capabilities and enhance public safety across the state.

Beyond law enforcement, the government also emphasized its commitment to addressing staffing needs in the education sector. CM Revanth Reddy announced plans to expedite the appointment of Vice Chancellors in universities across Telangana, highlighting the importance of ensuring effective leadership and governance in higher education institutions.

Overall, these announcements reflect the government’s steadfast dedication to tackling unemployment and fostering socio-economic development in Telangana. By prioritizing job creation and implementing robust recruitment practices, CM Revanth Reddy’s administration aims to provide meaningful opportunities for the state’s aspiring workforce while driving inclusive growth and prosperity.

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