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Complaint to ED on Kalvakuntla Kavita and Liger movie

Vijay Devarakonda’s much publicised pan India movie Liger came crashing at box office, pushing the whole team into a defensive mood. Liger team, including director Puri Jagannath, appeared very confident before the release of movie. Certain statements by hero Vijaya Devarakonda had even become controversial. But finally the movie became a disaster at box office, bringing huge disappointment for the producers. But the troubles for Liger movie team seems to have not ended yet. 

Congress party has complained to Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Delhi on Tuesday, to probe into the financial matters of Liger movie. Telangana Congress leader Bakka Judson filed a complaint with ED alleging that TRS leader Kalvakuntla Kavitha has invested her black money earned through illegal activities in Liger movie. He pointed that Kavita had invested in Liger movie, to convert her black money to white money, and therefore producers have been least bothered about losses, even though the movie became a box office dud. He urged ED to probe connection of Kalvakuntla Kavita with Liger movie team and crack down on the unholy nexus between Kalvakuntla family and Liger movie team. 

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