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Congress Government’s Commitment to Women’s Bus Travel.

In a swift response to assuming power, the newly-formed Congress government, led by Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy, convened a decisive Cabinet meeting to outline its commitment to the electorate. The government, which officially took charge on Thursday, has pledged to fulfill all six guarantees made during the election campaign, aligning its actions with the aspirations of the voters who propelled the party to power. Notably, the promises encompass significant measures such as providing free bus travel for women and augmenting coverage under the Arogyasri health insurance scheme to ₹10 lakh. These initiatives are slated to take effect from December 9, coinciding with the birthday of senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi.

Addressing the pressing issue of recent crop losses inflicted by a cyclone, the Cabinet promptly directed officials and district Ministers to conduct a comprehensive assessment. Once the detailed report is submitted, the government commits to taking appropriate actions to compensate for the agricultural damages. The extensive three-hour Cabinet meeting underscored the government’s dedication to fulfilling its pre-election assurances, with a particular emphasis on addressing the impact of the recent natural disaster.

Moreover, the government is actively working on providing investment support to farmers, with clear instructions given to gather comprehensive information on the proposed scheme. In parallel, steps are being initiated to implement a ₹2 lakh crop loan waiver. The decision-making process involves a thorough financial analysis and exploration of resource mobilization avenues to ensure the feasibility of this significant commitment. Additionally, the government is keen on rectifying perceived lapses in the implementation of schemes by the previous administration. Officials have been tasked with submitting detailed reports related to their respective departments, signifying a proactive approach to governance and transparency.

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