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Congress Government’s Swearing In Ceremony in Telangana.

As the sun sets over Telangana, the stage is meticulously set for the inauguration of the Congress government. The grand event is scheduled to take place at the prestigious Telangana Raj Bhavan this evening. The air is charged with anticipation as arrangements unfold, and the Chief Minister’s oath-taking materials are carefully transported.

Security is paramount, with heavy measures implemented at Raj Bhavan to ensure a smooth and secure ceremony. The General Administration Department (GAD) is orchestrating the proceedings, overseeing the logistics for the Chief Minister’s oath. Tents, stands, tables, chairs, red carpets, and elegant furniture have arrived from three different directions, transforming the venue into a dignified setting.

Media coverage by I&PR adds an extra layer of vibrancy, capturing every moment leading up to the ceremony. The Governor, Tamilisai, poised to issue a crucial order at any moment, adds to the atmosphere of anticipation.

Simultaneously, CEO Vikasraj, a key figure in the electoral process, is scheduled to visit Raj Bhavan at two o’clock in the afternoon. His mission is clear – handing over the list of successful candidates to the Governor. Post-receipt, the Governor will initiate the formation of the new legislature through a gazette notification, expected to be issued later in the day.

Insiders suggest that political appointments are on the horizon, with expectations rising after four o’clock in the evening. The political landscape seems set for a significant transformation.

In another part of the city, the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting has commenced at Ella Hotel. Sixty-four Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are in attendance, along with representatives from the All India Congress Committee (AICC) and notable figure DK Shivakumar. A unanimous resolution is a possibility during the CLP meeting, where the leader is expected to be elected, adding another layer to the unfolding political drama in Telangana.

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