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“Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan Criticizes ‘Animal’ for Promoting Violence and Misogyny”

Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan has strongly criticized the Bollywood film ‘Animal’, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol, for its portrayal of violence and misogyny. Ranjan expressed her concerns about the film’s content in the Rajya Sabha, labeling the depiction of violence and misogynistic behavior in the movie as ‘shameful’.

The Congress MP’s remarks have brought attention to the growing debate on the portrayal of sensitive issues in Indian cinema. Ranjan emphasized that the film’s narrative, which seemingly justifies violent and misogynistic actions, is concerning and unacceptable. Her statement in Parliament reflects a wider call for more responsible and respectful storytelling in the film industry, particularly in handling themes related to gender violence and misogyny.

‘Animal’, an action thriller, has thus become a focal point in discussions about the impact of popular media on societal attitudes towards violence and the treatment of women. Ranjan’s critique underscores the need for filmmakers to be more mindful of the messages their works convey and the potential influence they have on audiences.

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