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Every couple should watch “True Lover” – Telugu Presenters Star Director Maruthi, Successful Producer SKN at teaser launch

Sleeper hit Good Night makers bringing Lover for this Valentine’s day. The film’s Telugu version “True Lover” is all set to release in Telugu with star director Maruthi and successful producer SKN as presenters under Maruthi Team product and Mass Movie Makers banner. Starring Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, and Kanna Ravi in lead roles, the film is produced by Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian and Yuvaraj Ganesan under the banners Million Dollar Studios and MRP Entertainment. Directed by Prabhuram Vyas, it promises a unique love story. On the occasion of Valentine’s week, the movie “True Lover” is coming up for theatrical release on February 9. The teaser of this movie was launched today. On this occasion,

Dialogues and Lyric writer, Rakendu mouli said – Some films might get boring while working. But I enjoyed a lot while working on the movie “True Lover”. This is my friend Manikandan’s movie. We are good friends since college days and I taught him Telugu. He taught me Tamil. I am happy to work for my friend’s movie. If you want a good musical and movie experience this Valentine’s week, watch the movie “True Lover”. A must watch movie for all audiences in theatres. Sri Gouri Priya is a Telugu girl and this is her second film in Tamil. Manikandan dubbed in Telugu with fluency. Director Prabhuram Vyas made the movie superbly. You will come out of the theaters with a good feeling after watching this movie.

Director Prabhuram Vyas said – I made the movie “True Lover” in the background of modern day relationships between lovers. I would say our movie is a good option to watch during Valentine’s week. Happy to bring the movie “True Lover” to the Telugu audience through Maruthi Garu and SKN Garu. Thank you for supporting us. Many incidents that I have seen in my life inspired this story. There is no love without conflict. In love and relationship, the power dynamics between the two people will change. The film will be a good emotional drive. Watch the movie “True Lover” in theaters.

Heroine Sri Gouri Priya said – I acted in the Telugu movie Mad, Writer Padmabhushan and also in the web series Mail. I am happy that our Telugu media is coming forward to support us. Can we find better persons than SKN and Maruti to bring our film to the Telugu audience? Thanks to both of them. Thanks to Mani, our director Vyas, and the rest of the team. “True Lover” is a honest and true film. It explores modern day relationships and narrates beautifully about their lows and highs. While acting in this movie, it did not feel like an out of the world story. It seemed like a story that happened to us and to those we know. This is a film with such a realistic approach. I think this is a big opportunity in Tamil. If the movie is good, whatever language it is in, any actor will be loved by the Telugu audience. We also want our film to be a hit.

Hero Manikandan said – Even though we are newcomers, we would like to thank Maruthi and SKN garu for believing in our vision and releasing the movie “True Lover” in Telugu. The scale of our film is small but the dream is big. We approached three or four producers to convince them with this concept. Finally our friends Magesh Raj and Yuvraj came forward to produce. “True Lover” is a movie that everyone can relate to and enjoy. There is no language barrier and our emotions as humans are the same. We hope that the emotions will connect with everyone.

Producer SKN said – Thanks to all my friends, media friends and well wishers who have supported me during these difficult times. Since the movie is shown through the eyes of the camera, we released the teaser of True lover movie through our media cameraman and videographer friends. Me and Maruti started my career with dubbing movies. Now Maruthi has become a pan India movie director Saab. Maruti still watches movies that are releasing in other languages. He saw the first copy of the movie “True Lover” and invited me. While watching this movie, I felt as excited as watching our Baby movie. Maruthi said that we will release it in Telugu. That’s how this project came into our hands. New directors can make two types of films, controversial and contemporary. Director Prabhuram Vyas has made a contemporary movie “True Lover”. He showed his talent as a filmmaker in the first movie itself. This movie will be a hit in all languages besides Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Though it is suggested to keep the Hindi remake rights with you as well. Hero Manikandan started as a writer and became an actor. He has a good understanding of cinema. Telugu girl Sri Gouri Priya is playing female lead in the film. Me and Maruthi introduced six Telugu girls. It is different to say that Telugu girls should be supported and we showed it. This film will bring a good name for Sri Gouri Priya. Rakendu Mouli has worked as excitingly in this movie as he did for the film Animal. I want this movie to be a huge success. We are not competing with big movies coming on 9th February. Ours is a cute little movie. We think no one will have any objection. This is a story that connects all the youth in India across languages. We see love stories where the hero heroines convince each other and fall in love. But in this, the ups and downs between the couple who are in a relationship are shown in realistic way.

Director Maruthi said – My friend Uday, who is doing post-production work for the movie “True Lover”, called me and sent me to see the trailer of this movie. I liked it and watched the whole movie. While watching the movie, I felt how realistic the movie was made. A hero needs love and and he has to face difficult circumstances around him. The conflict between these two is very touching. Looking at the character of hero Manikandan, we felt that we were looking at a person in front of us. Director Prabhuram Vyas said that he wrote this script for six years. It is not known whether this is the story of his life or his friend’s life. But he presented it as his own life story. My career started with dubbing movie and we’ve released many dubbing films. We saw the movie and thought it was good, so we released it. Watching this film True Lover again after all these years gave me such a genuine feeling. Nowadays, no movie has been made in that genre since Bus Stop. Recently we did a movie Baby with SKN. People who are in love, those who want to fall in love and those who are not in love can watch True Lover in theatres. The movie is well made without any obscenity anywhere. Manikandan is also a writer and actor. His performance is impressive. Also the heroine Sri Gouri Priya is a Telugu girl. Seeing her speaking Tamil dialogues fluently surprised me. She performed well in the film. Knowing about this movie, Dulquer Salmaan is releasing it in Malayalam. This team previously made a movie called Good Night. It tells a tale of man who is suffering from snoring. When i watched the film. I wish I had hit that point. We are releasing the movie True Lover in Telugu on February 9, which is releasing in Tamil on the same date.

The cast includes Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, Kanna Ravi, Saravanan, Geetha Kailasam, Harish Kumar, Nikhila Shankar, Rini, Pintu Pandu, Arunachaleswaran, among others.

Technical Team:

  • Art: Raj Kamal
  • Costumes: Nava Rajkumar
  • Editing: Bharat Vikraman
  • Cinematography: Shreyas Krishna
  • Music: Sean Roldan
  • Telugu Dialogues: Mouli
  • Creative Producer: Vijay MP
  • Executive Producer: Harish Durairaj
  • Production Controller: Bala Murugan
  • Production Executive: Good Night R Nagarajan
  • PRO: GSK Media
  • Banners: Million Dollar Studios, MRP Entertainment
  • Producers: Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian and Yuvaraj Ganesan
  • Telugu Release: Mass Movie Makers, Maruthi Team Production
  • Presenters: Maruti, S K
  • Written and Directed by: Prabhuram Vyas

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