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Family entertainer ‘Jorugaa Husharugaa’ trailer unveiled by ‘Uppena’ sensation Buchi Babu Sana

Love, family, and career. That’s what ‘Jorugaa Husharugaa’, starring Viraj Ashwin of ‘Baby’ fame in the lead, is about. Starring Pujita Ponnada as the heroine, the youthful family entertainer is directed by Anu Prasad. Producer Nireesh Thiruveedula of Shikhara & Akshara Arts LLP. Film to grace theatres worldwide on December 15. today got the film’s trailer unveiled at the hands of ‘Uppena’ sensation Buchi Babu Sana.

Releasing the trailer, Buchi Babu Sana appreciated its content. He also wished Viraj all the best. “Thanks to ‘Baby’, Viraj now enjoys a good image. I hope ‘Jorugaa Husharugaa’ becomes a notable theatrical hit. I wish director Anu Prasad and producer Nireesh all the best. This film looks promising,” Sana said.

The trailer shows Sai Kumar as the male lead’s economically challenged and idealistic father. A weaver, he values relationships more than anything. In the city, Vira’s character falls in love with a beautiful colleague (Pujita). The rom-com scenes also involve Madhunandan. Siri Hanumantu plays another urban girl who gets to play an important part. Brahmaji as a Church Father, Chammak Chandra and others have hilarious roles.

The film, as the title suggests, is filled with fun. At the same time, expect some dramatic moments as well.

The film is going to grace the theatres worldwide on December 15.


Viraj Ashwin, Pujita Ponnada, Sai Kumar, Rohini, Madhunandan, Siri Hanumantu, Sonu Thakur, Brahmaji, Chammak Chandra, Crazy Kanna and others.


Music Director: Praneeth Muzic; Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh; Production Controller: Theja Thiruveedhula.

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